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Vibrancy of a Kids Dentist Waiting Room

Dr Michele Saval, in Nassau New York, creates a funzone waiting room to help kids forget about their trip to the dentist’s office.

Transforming a Waiting Room for Children of Abuse

Local artists in Northhampton Massachusetts trasform waiting rooms at the Northwestern District Attorney’s Children’s Advocacy Center. Children dealing with abuse have a hard time as it is, so a group of local artists, led by Kathryn Brown, a children’s book illustrator, along with high school students and Z.RAP a local artists group. designed each room to […]

How much further we have to go?

This morning, I came across this post, By Nicole on Babble, a pregnancy blog, about a woman’s story sitting in a waiting room For an RE (reproductive endocrinologist for the uninitiated, such as myself). I had to look it up. It was called “Still work to be Done”. what struck me about the story was […]


So much of being in a waiting room is having time to sit and think, wonder. It is an in between state and that essentially leaves you with yourself your thoughts. It can be a place of frustration..especially when the doctor bails on you or runs super late. This story speaks to those thoughts and […]

Notes from the Waitingroom

I came across this pdf booklet called “Notes from the Waiting Room: Managing a Loved One’s End of Life Hospitalization” by Bart Windrum this morning and thought the writer had some important thoughts about end of life experiences for caregivers. It talks about the hard choices, advice on how to deal with doctors, and navigating the […]